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Are you frustrated with skyrocketing grocery costs? Hate going to the mall because of high prices, traffic and parking problems? Can't afford expensive repairmen to fix all those annoying little problems around the house?

Does trying to balance your budget make you feel discouraged, depressed and desperate? Mom understands - she's been there - and learned how to survive. Now Mom is HERE to share her money-saving techniques along with bits of advice on life, love and the thrill of thrifty shopping.

So hop into Mom's Magic Shopping Cart for an exciting ride as she wheels through the site giving advice on everything from saving money at the grocery store to fixing a leaky toilet. Along the way she will be stopping to visit family and friends who will share their own money-saving tips and experiences.

All of the information on this site is FREE. So take advantage of the best bargain you'll find - a Magic Shopping Cart ride with Mom to a richer life for you and your family.

When I was growing up (many, many years ago) my Mom would always get out the Sears catalog whenever she was going to buy something. It seemed like every product in the world was in that big book.

Today I go online to for the same thing. I look at the descriptions for features I want, reviews to see how others like the product and check prices against local stores.
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Shopping With Kids

I try to shop without my 2 boys (ages 3 & 5), but it doesn't always happen. On those days I take my iPod with me. When they're at the end of it being fun for them, the toys they've brought it with them have lost their interest & the snacks have been eaten, out comes my iPod loaded with a few of their favorite cartoons. It has saved me money; we've all given into "I want that" and/or had to go BACK to the store for what you forgot, thus wasting gas. It definitely helps me concentrate, which is nearly impossible in a store with children. I've gotten a few "looks" from other moms, but I could care less. I do what works for me! Sharon / TX

When shopping at the grocery store with kids, I plan to swing by the bakery for a free cookie in the middle of my shop. That way, they have a reason to behave as well as something to entertain them while I shop. Jen / TN


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