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I admit it -I LOVE coupon shopping. The challenge of matching coupons and sales to get products at the lowest possible price is exciting and highly addictive. I just can't pass up a bargain!

I've found so many good deals recently that even after the items I donate and share with my family I still have so much "stuff" I'm running out of space to store it.

Normally I have a garage sale once a year to pass on these bargains to others and earn a little money for more shopping. I may still do that later this year - but for now I'm putting together this list for people who don't have time to shop the way I do.

Everything on the list is brand new in unopened factory packaging. I price the items at
50-65% OFF retail price.

This is not a fancy ecommerce store - it's just a list of what I have on hand. As you "buy" items they are placed in a PayPal shopping cart and can be paid for with a debit/credit card, e-check or PayPal account funds. Shipping/Delivery charges are not included in the shopping cart total. You can click on "request total from seller" before paying and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the total including shipping/delivery. All orders must be paid before delivery or shipping.

Now that we've got all of the boring details out of the way - check out these BARGAINS!

Baby / Children's Products


For Your Home


From The Drug Store


Personal Care Items




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