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To Make Money Online


I'm pretty sure that there have been "business opportunity" ads since shortly after printed communication began. There's always been someone trying to sell you on a "too good to be true" deal. In fact, when I was around 8 or 9 years old (a LONG time ago) I remember answering an ad in a magazine (or maybe a comic book) to sell greeting cards. I was going to be rich - after all everyone needs greeting cards - right?

Since I didn't share my vision of wealth with my parents I hung out at the mailbox for days waiting for my samples to arrive. Unfortunately they came on a day that my Mom picked up the mail and I was busted. My money making kit included some of the cheapest, ugliest greeting cards known to man - and a large bill for these valuable samples. My Mom immediately returned them and I'm sure gave the company a piece of her mind about allowing children to be sucked into their scam.

Today it's almost impossible to go online without being bombarded with ads for "making money online". With our troubled economy and many people out of work most of us could use another source of income. But watch out for the scammers who only want to take your money. How do you recognize the sites to stay away from? If you see the following characteristics it's probably better to pass on the idea - or at least research it VERY CAREFULLY:

1. There are lots of CAPTALIZED WORDS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!! Read carefuly - and see if they actually tell you what they're so excited about.

2. They ask you to pay a "small" fee for a list of employers who will hire you. These lists are usually about as useful as the ones from the old envelope stuffing ads years ago. (Amazingly you still see these ads in magazines - surely everyone in the world by now realizes that is a scam!)

3. They advertise that you don't need any experience or training to make thousands of dollars a day. All you have to do it purchase their e-book to learn how.

The list goes on and on. New schemes are popping up all over the net. It's important to read carefully and not make impulse decisions. These businesses love to convince you that you must act quickly or you will lose out on this "once in a lifetime" deal.

For more information on how to avoid online scams check out these sites:
OnGuard Online is a government website with tips to help guard against internet fraud.
Excellent article on Work At Home Scams from - the world's largest online safety and help group says the internet is a perfect medium for scams, frauds and hoaxes.

Host Your Own Website
If you have a passion - or just an idea - that you want to share with the world wide web then you need your own website or blog.

If you want a simple site there are many online website building programs to help you get started.

But before you start creating your dream website you need to have a reliable hosting company. The three I've listed below are my favorites. They are professionally managed, have excellent features and reasonable pricing.

I'm not a fan of the higher fees and constant changes at EBay in the past couple of years - but I have made decent money selling everything from air fresheners to books to cameras to...well, you get the idea.

If you want to learn the best way to make money on EBay I highly recommend Suzanne Wells' book shown below. I also subscribe to Suzanne's blog where she gives great tips on how to find things to sell on EBay at garage sales, thrift stores and other local businesses

EBay Alternatives
You can sell the same type of items on that are sold on EBay. Easy-to-use site - no listing fees - simple final value fees. is the online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy connects buyers with independent creators and shop owners to find the bery best in handmade, vintage and supplies.
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